Four Things About me...

Ok so since everyone else is doing the 4 Things Posts I figured I'd do one too!! So here we go.... 

4 Jobs I've Had
1. Cashier
2. Server/Hostess
3. Receptionist 

4. 911 Dispatcher 

4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Tombstone
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Clueless

4 Places I Have Been
1. Puerta Plata Mexico
2. Disney World

3. Hawaii
4. Punta Cana DR

replica of Christ the Redeemer in Dominican Republic

4 TV Shows I Watch 
1. Walking Dead
2. American Horror Story
3. Forver - It was cancelled yesterday =(
4. Law and Order SVU
4 Things I'm Always Saying
1. Wait... What? 
2. "#TrueStory
3. Seriously??
4. Negative Ghost Rider 

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year (2015)
1. Our House being 

2. Meeting new people in our new town
3. Christmas in our new house 

4. Our Anniversary in a few weeks

Four things in my purse
1. Vera Bradley Wallet 

2. Random number of pens
3. Several Lip Balms or Lip Glosses

4. Coupons I forget I have.
Four things I couldn't live without
1. Diet Pepsi 
2. Pizza
3. Bread
4. My Dog....


  1. You and I have a lot in common! I LOVE The Walking Dead! I also love Vera Bradley. Great post! Can't wait to read more from you! Also, thanks for following my blog! :)

  2. Such a great post, and so much fun to get to know you better!

  3. I am currently watching Law and Order: SVU right now! It's an episode I've seen three times too so that should say something!


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