Dominican Republic Day 3

Today we pretty much hung out by the pool, got our drink on and slept.. It's amazing how heat and drinks make you sleepy... 

Water Fountain in the Plaza 
 Me after breakfast and checking out the store on the property. 
 Beautiful trees and flowers that line the walkways 

Then Steve went up on the roof of our building and took some pics. 
See the mountain is hidden by clouds 

 view on the bottom floor of our building. 
Our building (those are our towels) 
At night we went to the A la carte seafood restaurant.  It was ok but nothing to write home about. 


  1. I'm loving all the pics you're posting. Makes me realize I NEED A VACATION!!! lol

  2. I often see great travel deals to the Domican Republic, and I've been really thinking about giving it a try! It looks like it was a great trip!


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