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Linking up with Darci and Crystal Michelle 

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... one time after a night of drinking I woke up:
Not knowing where I was.... Or how I got there

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk one time I threw up:

I have never actually done this.. As a person who is DEATHLY afraid of throwing up I NEVER let it get that far.. 

Sorry, I'm not sorry but...the first time I drank alcohol I was:
In 9th grade. While my dad was in Desert Storm and he brought back Gin and Juice from the Class Six store on base. Since there was a Snoop Dog song about it I HAD to try it. It was already mixed together... 

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... the most fun I've ever had that involved drinking was:
At my friends wedding. I had my wine, my husbands wine and they kept refilling it. Not really sure how many I really had. Then my other friend and I cleared the dance floor.. LOL It was a good night.

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... my favorite thing to do when I'm drunk is:
Dance.. But I do that anyway!!! 

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... when I am drunk you know because I totally:
laugh at anything and everything.

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... Vodka makes me:

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... I was so drunk once that I cried about: 

Don't think this ever has happened. 

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... My Coworkers sometimes makes me need a drink!
Seriously.. I feel like I am in kindergarten... 

Sorry, I'm not sorry but... if I could get drunk with anyone it would for sure be:
Ke$ha I mean she wakes up in the morning feeling like P Diddy... Plus she always talks about glitter... Glitter makes EVERYthing better.


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