We Can Wednesday


I am linking up with Erica and Britney for We Can Wednesday. Where we share anything Fitness or Weight Loss related... 

So a few weeks ago I joined XSport Fitness and am LOVING IT!!!! I have several friends that are members and one in particular Pam, is my gym buddy!!! I also signed up for 18 sessions with a personal trainer. I have already had two sessions. 

On Saturday Pam and I did Aqua Zumba! Which usually I kick ass at Zumba but when you factor in the water and not being able to move as easily it makes it HARD.. But we had a blast!!!! And will continue to go every Saturday I am off. I plan on going to more classes but lately with all the snow it has hampered my gym time. 

I have been trying to be better at my eating but have not been 100% good... But tomorrow is another day!! 


  1. Girl i bet you that Aqua Zumba burned a shitton of calories!! Great job!! Might have to see if there is something like that around here.


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