A is for.........

I have been seeing several blogs do an A to Z post, and I thought I'd do it too... #wannabeacoolkid

SO here we go...... Got this post idea from Kayla

A- Age: 36
B- Birthday: Aug 29th
C- Color: Purple
D. Drink: Diet Pepsi
E. Eyes: Brown
F. Flashback: My wedding day 
G. Gent: Steve
H. Hobby: Reading, Watching TV, Going out with friends.
I. Indulgence: Wine
J. Job: 911 Dispatcher
K. Kiddos: Furchild ~ Gracie
L. Love: Family
M. Music: Anything and Everything
N. Nation: Rhythm ~ hahaha
O. Overstock: Shoes
P. Pets: Gracie
Q. Quote: "Sometimes I'm good but when I'm bad I'm even better"
R. Residence: Fairfax VA
S. Siblings: None
T. Temperature: Sunny and 32
U. University: George Mason University
V. Vehicle: Toyota Corolla
W. Want: To be a mom
X. X: X-rays, Arm and Teeth
Y. Yuck: Onions 
Z. Zodiac: Virgo


  1. Virgo here too, and I'm in Springfield--not too far from ya!!! Hi neighbor:)


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