So I am participating in the #90daystilsummerchallenge starting today. The idea is to work your butt off to look amazing (or at least comfortable in my case) in a bathing suit by June 21st. I have already started on my journey a few months back but have not been 100%. But I will be committing myself to fully be in this 1000%.

I am hoping that with everyone else in the challenge will keep me accountable. I really need someone to kick me in the ass when I need it. So if anyone out there wants to kick my ass then let me know! 

So.... I will cut my Diet Pepsi addiction - I will still have one or maybe two but I am going to replace as much as I can with water. 
I am going to WORKOUT. Not just the days that I have a training session. 
I will eat well. Try to stick to my WW plan. 
I will stop eating fast food. Even if I can work it into my WW plan. 
I will make more meals at home - Plan meals. 

So are you in?? 


  1. I'm down with this challenge! My future brother-in-law is getting married in Jamaica in early July. I refuse to be the fat girl sitting at the beach in shorts and a t-shirt! Plus, this might push me to finally start using my Instagram account.

    1. Awesome motivation!!!!! Gooood luck!!! <3


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