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Today I am linking up with Allie from talesofatwentysomething for....

I have one tattoo that I got in December of 2011 with my husband when he went to get a memorial tattoo of his grandfather who had passed away a few days earlier. I had wanted one for a while but I am so picky I had no idea what to do. 

So I looked online for ideas and found several I liked...  So I took some pictures of what I wanted and the artist did an AMAZING job. Of course my husband made me go first.... 

This is on my left shoulder. And I LOVE IT!! 

Here is my husbands - It is his grandfathers initials 
After we left he thought about getting the Italian flag under it. Since his grandfather was Italian.  

And now with my Grandmother passing away I want another one to memorialize her.. 

I was thinking about this.. The one on the left 

It is similar to the one I already have but now I just need to figure out where to put it.. 
On the other shoulder, my wrist, my ankle??  I just don't know... 

I'll update you if I actually get it done... 


  1. A friend of mine's mom died from breast cancer and she has the word hope with the pink ribbon in it on her foot! Those tattoos always look good :) Thanks for linking up.

  2. One of my next tattoos is a memorial for my great-grandma. I love when tattoos have meaning behind them and aren't just "cute"


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