Last night 9-11 my husband and I went to see my favorite band Muse. If you have not heard of them you are missing out. I first saw them and an opening band for U2 in 2009. I usually don't like opening bands but these guys are AMAZING. The lead singer is an amazing guitarist, song writer and singer. (and engaged to Kate Hudson) But what really made me fall in love with them was the bassist... (yes I do sometimes base things on how cute someone is...Sorry....) I have mentioned him before in posts but here he is again.... Christopher Wolstenholme

So Steve and I got to the Verizon Center in DC around 545 and headed over to the GA line. It was suuuuper long already... SO once we finally got inside and got our wrist bands we headed to the floor. I was concerned that we would be pretty far back and that I would not be able to see my future husband Chris. BUTTTTTT everyone was trying to get near the left side of the stage or the middle.. So I we got in front right at the gate in front of Chris!!! I was soooo excited.... 
So after the opening band Cage the Elephant was over we waited for the show to start.  
My husband got some amazing pics of Chris... I was too busy staring at him the whole time!!! 
 Matt Bellamy
 Dominic Howard
 See the shiny thing in the middle of his mic stand... You will see it later.... 
It was an amazing concert and I love every minute of it.. Except the drunk girl who tried to push her way up in front... Who might have been elbowed by me when she tried to push me out of the way... Sorry not Sorry..  I even got a guitar pick of Chris'. 

But most importantly.... That shiny thing from before.....Chris at the end of the concert threw his harmonica to ME! I ALMOST lost my mind...... 
Here is the video of it.. You have to go to 4:48 unless you want to watch this whole video. I can't get it to upload the video so here is the link..  

It was my 7th Muse Concert and I can't wait for the next one!!! 


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