Being A Hockey Wife....

No I am not Married to a NHL Player... I am however married to a Beer League Hockey Player. 
He is a goalie and he LOVES to play! Except for the night games... At 1100. When he has to work at 7 the next day... 

But he does it... He plays on two different teams in the League. They have different levels at the ice rink he plays at.... 

Masters League A: players 35 years and older who are advanced players.
Masters League B: players 35 years and older who are intermediate players.
Masters League C: 35 years and older who advanced past novice/not played in a while.
Level A: adults who are advanced players.
Level B: adults who are intermediate players.
Level C: adults who are lower intermediate players.
Level D: adults who have advanced past novice or have not played in a while.
Novice: is offered to those adults who are just beginning. 

My Husband plays on Level B and Level C. He has been playing Ice Hockey since before we met. When we were dating I would go to all the games I could.. Now I only go to Championship games if I am off. His game are WAY to late or really early at 7 am. Plus it is really cold in there... hahaha

I have to say he is pretty good. And I am not saying this because he is my husband. He really is good... This season so far on one team he has a GAA (Goals Against Average) of 3.10 He has 248 saves in 278 attempts. 

A few years ago his C Level team won the Championship three seasons in a row... It almost made him not be able to play in that league anymore because they said he was "too good" Well since then his team has changed and the players on the other team got better.. SO he is still the goalie. What is even funnier before they were "good" they had a different goalie and the begged Steve to play for them.. 

His name on the "Fairfax Stanley Cup"

A few weeks ago he was asked to play a scrimmage at the Verizon Center before a Washington Capitals Game. I unfortunately was unable to go due to work. But he said he had a blast and it was really cool to play on NHL Ice. 

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  1. That's so awesome!! I can't believe he got to actually play on NHL ice. Too cool (pun intended of course)


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