The Package Tour

So yeah.. this is how I spent my Friday night..... 
None of my pics came out so these are from 98 Degrees and NKOTB facebook page. 

I did however get a video of Donnie about 10 feet away from me. 

My hand was over the speaker apparently so it gets quiet midway through... He was soo close I almost lost my mind,.. 

I have loved Donnie since I was 10... 

It was amazing and we had a blast.. 
Boyz II Men Killed it and 98 Degrees was ok.. Nothing special which is hard for me to say since I love Drew.. But they were kinda blah... and I kinda now think Nick is douchie... Besides I am still not over Him and Jessica breaking up... NEWLYWEDS Forever!!!!! LOL 

Once my sister in law uploads her pics I will do another post with pics 

Any Blockheads, 98 Degrees or Boyz II Men fans out there??? 
What songs are your favs????? 


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! I'm glad you could see them because you seem like a big fan :)

  2. I thought the exact same about the guys...Boyz killed it, 98 was just ok, and NKTOB was the best ever!! I want to relive that moment again!


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