The fight for Ben

This is a blog post from Kait at GridIron Lipstick and I wanted to share this story... If anyone out there is a dog lover and can help... (or even just an animal lover)

The fight for Ben

If you're a dog lover like me, grab a box of tissues! I heard about sweet Ben from a friend of mine who is personal friends with Ben's human, Janell. Being the crazy dog lady that I am, my heart broke into about one thousand pieces.

With such a sweet face, Ben's story is, unfortunately, not a happy one.

A couple months ago, Janell took Ben to the vet because he was having some..ahem..potty issues.

I'll let Ben tell you the rest:

"They found a lumpy mass in my lower intestines, and they told my mom that it was probably lymphoma. They took it out and they told her that it was a bad infection, PHEW!

I was on antibiotics, and they worked for a few weeks. I was doing great, no more potty problems or nothin'! Then a few weeks ago they came back, my food that I usually loved was suddenly icky, and all of these things they call lymph nodes were swollen. My mom rushed me to the vet again and they took one of those lymph nodes out. She got a phone call a few days later and starting crying, a lot. She told me that I do have that "lymphoma" thing, and the vet said I only have a few months to live without treatment. It is very sad for everyone in my family, and I'm not ready to go to doggie heaven yet. 

My mom and dad have a human puppy on the way, and I want to meet them so badly. I love human puppies, and especially one that's going to come from my mommy and daddy. But the sad thing is, they don't have these thousands of dollars the vet needs--and they don't know where to find them either. We really need help! They said that other humans can give them some dollars hopefully to help save my life. So if you have one or two to spare, can you help me? I would try to give you a kiss for it, but I don't know if you can do that through this computer."

I cannot possibly imagine having this happen to my sweet Maddie and if you're a fellow dog owner, I'm sure you can relate--dogs are your best friend! If you're feeling so inclined to help Ben, you can do so here.

In the meantime, I'm sending all sorts of prayers Ben's way (and for Janell, too!) 


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