My Sports Loves Part 2...

Last week when I linked up with Sarah from I blogged about my sports love and realized I had WAY too many for just one post... So here is part 2.......

I am actually shocked I did not talk about my hockey love Martin Brodeur. I have been in love with him for about 12 years... 

Last year my husband and I went up to NJ for a concert and the day before we went, we went to a NJ Devils game. Even though he did not play (He was injured) I still got my pic with him...Sortof.. 

Next we have this guy.....He is a newcomer to my love life... This ladies is Danny Amendola. He is the newest WR for the Patriots. I was Heartbroken when the gentleman below left my Pats.  
Wes Welker. But I feel that Danny Boy will fit in here JUUUUST fine. 

Then there is this guy.... 
This is Logan Morrison he plays for the Miami Marlins. And he is AWESOME. He is so far the only baseball player to be sent down to the Minors for Tweeting.. Yup its true... He is HILARIOUS seriously go follow him on Twitter  oh yeah and watch him battle a praying mantis here. What makes this even better is this happened here in DC.  And every time he hit a HR he always points to the sky in honor of his dad that passed away from Lung Cancer. 

Then there is this guy....
David Beckham.. Really nothing to say about him... Just YUM

Well that's it.... For Now... 

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. OMG DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him more that I love candy. Seriously I LOVE THAT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yaaaay the men candy! I'm crushing Beckham for years!!

  3. Hockey & the Pats?! Girl after my own heart!


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