All of My Sports Loves

Venus Trapped in Mars

Ok You already know of my Obsession of this guy....
If not you can read about it here

Now....Here are some of my other loves.... 
This is Cliff Lee... He is a starter for the Phillies.. and he is HOT!!! I mean seriously... 

And this is Brady Anderson... Circa 90's I was in love with him and was convinced I was going to marry him.. I had EVERY picture known to man of him at the time. I had this poster over my bed..
I met him twice and got his autograph each time.. Too bad he did not age all that well... Roids might do that to you.... Drugs are Bad M'kay? 

My Original Crush.. 
Living in the DC area I grew up a Redskins fan. I am still a Skins fan but not as much. 
This is Gary Clark. I LOVED him. My dad took me to meet him at a department store where he was doing a meet and greet. we stood in line for a while and when we finally got up to the front of the line.. I could not move and was unable to speak.  So my dad then started a conversation about how he grew up near my grandparents. LOL I was mesmerized.. 

And this is Shay Given... He is the goalie for the Irish National Team and A Goalie for the English Premiere League Aston Villa. He is adorable...

This is David Wright.. And he plays for the EVIL Mets... But I still think he is hot.... 

Well I think this is enough of the Hotness for today... 

I'll do more of the MANY sports loves of Lisa next week... 


  1. I really really REALLY enjoyed this post. Like, Really.

    1. Thanks!! There will be many more next week..

  2. haha agreed with sarah! some good eye candy up there!
    Helene in Between

  3. Hahah awesome pictures. There's nothing like a great post with some hot guys.

    1. Just wait until next week.. lol

  4. Yay the men candy! These hotties are the only reason that I am still a Sport Fan and go to the match ground *sigh*

    Found you from Sarah's blog. Can't wait to stalk ya more!

  5. Brady Anderson's poster is super hot! I had John Stamos on a motorcyle hanging over my bed!

  6. Ain't nothing wrong with a few sport crushes! The magic mike meme had me dieing at my desk!


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