Thursday, May 30, 2013

Were going to Mexico...

So Steve and I decided to go to Mexico for our 10th Wedding anniversary.  We had never been before and wanted to do something special. I really wanted to go back to Vegas where we went for our Honeymoon, but Steve wanted ti do something different. So we decided on Mexico. We agreed on an All-Inclusive resort called The Grand Sunset Princess in Cancun.

So we headed to the airport around 6ish to give us time to get to the airport, get our boarding passes and get through security before our 910 flight. We thought we had enough time but we were wrong....

We arrived at BWI at 7, caught the bus from the long term parking lot to the terminal. We then got in line with all the other memorial day travelers heading toward Cancun and other places.  So the line was long but we figured we had time, so we were chatting with other people in line waiting for our turn to get our boarding passes. As we waited we meet a family that were heading to Cancun to celebrate the wedding of one of the family. We got to talking and found out there were from Philly.  So meanwhile they announce that the people in line for the flight at 9 were to line up to check in. So pretty much everyone behind us got to go in front, which pissed pretty much everyone who was already in line off. So we waited in line for an hour and a half, while people who just got in line got to go ahead of us. I think many of the people on our flight actually went in this line as well.. It was supposed to be only the people on that flight to line up. And at that point once a ticket window opened up they would jump in front of us who had been there from the beginning. So we all got screwed... We were PISSED.

SO finally we get to the counter and get our passes. We then have to head to the security line at 830 and the family heading to Cancun were behind us still in line. So after being in the security line for 20 min we finally get through to head toward the plane. They were doing the final call when we got to the gate. And the family was still in the security line. Luckily they made the flight once they said something to the airline people at the ticket counter and they speed them through the line so they would not miss the flight. (BTW half of the family was already on the plane as they got through the ticket line before the ticket fiasco)

Once on the plane we find out the family is sitting around us. Which was cool since we all had the same crappy experience with the tickets.  The Bride talked to the airline rep who advised the whole situation should not have even happened and they were upset the one ticket agent had people skip the line. Especially since the flight they were talking about was 10 min before ours. She was livid and let them know it. It was awesome.. It was funny they kept referring to us as part of the family and even invited us to the wedding.. (I'm sure they were kidding) But it was fun all the same. They were staying at a different resort then us or that would have been fate. Once we deplaned we all heading to customs and spent even more time together. They were a really cool family and we were glad we have a few new friends.

Stay Tuned for more of our Anniversary Trip....

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