Friday, May 31, 2013

Fan Friday....

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Venus Trapped in Mars

I was not sure what to blog about I mean I have some many ideas... But I was reading my husbands blog Photo's by a Phillies Phan and he was intriducing himself and explaining about how he became a phillies fan and described me and my fandom. So since he did such a good job I'll let him tell you about me....

During that time (the late 90's) I would meet the love of my life, My loving wife Lisa. We dated for a couple years, got engaged and got married in May 2003. I could not ask for anyone more special to me than her. When I met her I found out she too was a big baseball fan and a big fan of the Orioles and mostly Brady Anderson. WOW to hear her talk about him was like a school girl having a crush on her teacher. As time went on and Anderson retired from the game she became somewhat of a Phillies fan herself. Ok so more so of a few "hot" players on the team. Lieberthal, Rowand, Burrell, Werth, others im sure. but her main man was and still is Chad Durbin. Lisa has taken this to a whole new level. We have met him a few times and let me tell you he is one of the nicest ball players you will ever meet. Through Twitter, in person, doesnt matter he is awesome. However once the Phillies did not resign him a few years ago her fandom for the Phillies faded. While this has really been hard for me cause there is nothing more that i love than going to CBP or anywhere with Lisa at my side while cheering on the Phillies. She was there with me at the Vet when it closed, she was there with me at the first opening day at CBP and many opening days after. She was there with me when we saw Shane Victorino hit a Grand Slam Homerun off of CC Sabathia in Game 2 of the NLDS in 2008. She was there with me in DC to see the Phillies clinch the 2010 NL east. Those are some of the most amazing baseball days / nights of my life and its because she was there.

Now that my favorite player is back with the Phillies I am once again a Phillies fan. I will get into next week about my obsession with Chad Durbin...

Chad Durbin

Until Next Time....  

Update... As of today 5/31/13 
My Favorite Player was cut from the Phillies... I'll write about that later... 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mexico Part 1

Well once we finally got to our resort The Grand Sunset Princess we were amazed. It had a beautiful lobby and it was all open air.

This was looking down toward the rest of the resort

Once we checked in we walked to our room which was about 5 min from the lobby. It was beautiful. There were palm trees, statues and lovely flowers along the walkway. 

Our room over looked the pool, which I ABSOLUTELY loved!!! We could just sit on our balcony and watch the water. 

We then decided to go to the pool since the buffet did not open for another 2 hours. Once we spent a hour or so we headed back to the room and changed for dinner. After the buffet we walked a bit around the property to see what was there. 

Another pool and the bar 
Yet another Pool 

Ok that is enough for today... 

Were going to Mexico...

So Steve and I decided to go to Mexico for our 10th Wedding anniversary.  We had never been before and wanted to do something special. I really wanted to go back to Vegas where we went for our Honeymoon, but Steve wanted ti do something different. So we decided on Mexico. We agreed on an All-Inclusive resort called The Grand Sunset Princess in Cancun.

So we headed to the airport around 6ish to give us time to get to the airport, get our boarding passes and get through security before our 910 flight. We thought we had enough time but we were wrong....

We arrived at BWI at 7, caught the bus from the long term parking lot to the terminal. We then got in line with all the other memorial day travelers heading toward Cancun and other places.  So the line was long but we figured we had time, so we were chatting with other people in line waiting for our turn to get our boarding passes. As we waited we meet a family that were heading to Cancun to celebrate the wedding of one of the family. We got to talking and found out there were from Philly.  So meanwhile they announce that the people in line for the flight at 9 were to line up to check in. So pretty much everyone behind us got to go in front, which pissed pretty much everyone who was already in line off. So we waited in line for an hour and a half, while people who just got in line got to go ahead of us. I think many of the people on our flight actually went in this line as well.. It was supposed to be only the people on that flight to line up. And at that point once a ticket window opened up they would jump in front of us who had been there from the beginning. So we all got screwed... We were PISSED.

SO finally we get to the counter and get our passes. We then have to head to the security line at 830 and the family heading to Cancun were behind us still in line. So after being in the security line for 20 min we finally get through to head toward the plane. They were doing the final call when we got to the gate. And the family was still in the security line. Luckily they made the flight once they said something to the airline people at the ticket counter and they speed them through the line so they would not miss the flight. (BTW half of the family was already on the plane as they got through the ticket line before the ticket fiasco)

Once on the plane we find out the family is sitting around us. Which was cool since we all had the same crappy experience with the tickets.  The Bride talked to the airline rep who advised the whole situation should not have even happened and they were upset the one ticket agent had people skip the line. Especially since the flight they were talking about was 10 min before ours. She was livid and let them know it. It was awesome.. It was funny they kept referring to us as part of the family and even invited us to the wedding.. (I'm sure they were kidding) But it was fun all the same. They were staying at a different resort then us or that would have been fate. Once we deplaned we all heading to customs and spent even more time together. They were a really cool family and we were glad we have a few new friends.

Stay Tuned for more of our Anniversary Trip....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Pretty Strong Medicine

Well it has been forever since I did a WIW but I kinda fell off the wagon HARD!!!  BUT I am determined to get back up. I am TIRED of being fat. I think this pic is my rock bottom... it was taken on Friday.

I almost cried when I saw it. There is one actually that is worse but I deleted it. I actually thought when we left the room for our Anniversary Dinner in Mexico I looked cute. But seeing this picture told me I didn't. Looking at it now is killing me. Not sure if it is beacuse of the PMS train I am currently on or what. BUT I need to do something.... Just not sure where to start.

I WILL get back on WW
I WILL excercise
I WILL make smart choices

What will you do??

Fan Friday Link Up

Venus Trapped in Mars

I can not wait for this link up!!!!!
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I'll be recapping our trip to Mexico later today so if you are stilll hanging out.....
Thank YOU!!! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Been Way TOO Long

WOW it has been forever! I have been really busy with work and I just got home from 5 days in Mexico!! I promise I will document it this week.... Hope this will hold you over!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Plug In Baby

I saw this on Halie's Blog and thought it was cute. So here we go....

10 Favorite Foods





Chicken Fingers 
Any thing Chocolate

Gummie Bears


Salads from Wendy's 

Ice Cream

9 Favorite Movies

Gone With the Wind 

The Notebook


Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Shawshank Redemption


Sweet Home Alabama

The Wedding Singer

8 Favorite Musical Artists



Michael Buble


Panic at the Disco

NKOTB (don't judge...)

Maroon 5

Bruno Mars

7 Things I Love Right Now

Snap Chat


Vacation in 3 weeks

My meetup group of Girlfriends

Olly Mars ~ Trouble Maker

OPI Gel Nail Polish - The Spy Who Loved Me


6 Places I'd Love To Visit


Mexico - In 3 weeks!!  


Napa Valley

Disney Land

5 Favorite Games

Phase 10

Imagine If...



Candy Crush

4 Things I'd Like To Do Again

Go to Hawaii

Go on another cruise

Go back to Vegas 


3 Things I'd Like To Do in 2013

Get Pregnant

Lose Weight (if #1 has not happened yet)

Save Money

2 Facts About Me

I have a knowledge of many things and subjects

I share a birthday with My Husband


1 Meaning Behind My Blog Name

It is a song by my favorite band Muse

And that is it!!!