5 things......

Found this on Allie's page and I thought I'd do it too...

5 Things...

...you'll find in my bag.

1. Lip Gloss.. I have like 5 in there at all times

2. My Phone

3. Pen and Paper

4. my calendar so I know what days I work. 

5. coupons for resturants that I forget are there.

...you'll find in my bedroom.

1. Diet Pepsi Cans

2. Piles of Clothes that I need to go thru to donate

3. Hair Products

4. My dog. She loves laying on our bed.

5. SHOES!!

...I've always wanted to do.

1. Go to Italy

2. Go to Ireland

3. Have a house built.

4. Pay off my bills

5. Have a clean and organized house.

...I'm currently loving.

1. The change of weather.

2. Wendys Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

3. The ID Channel - I am obsessed

4. Candy Crush game - more like obsessed

5. Baseball Season

...quirks I have.

1. I cant take the first of anything - magazine on a rack,greeting card, drink lid... etc 

2. I have to have some noise when I sleep.

3. If I am not wearing shoes I have to have socks on

4. The notification numbers on the apps have GOT TO GO. I legit can't stand them. (i stole this from Allie but I feel the same way)

5. I can't stand comercials and try to fast forward them but only works of stuff I have DVR'D. lol

That is all for now... Until Next Time....



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