Weigh in Wednesday!

Hello to all my new followers!!!! I hope I do not bore you all! I am trying to post everyday and I am fairly new at this so.. please bear with me!!! 


Its that time again!!!! I once again had a rough week and did poorly. I did however weigh my self today and I have lost 1 lb of the 3 I gained over the weekend... So there is that. 

My husband has decided he is going to do Insanity.  He started it on Monday and was too sore yesterday to do it.. LOL I told him you can't just do Insanity from being as couch potato and not have it hurt. But good for him for starting it.. I am going to attempt to do it with him... I will do what I can and see what happens.... 

I am working on putting 100% into becoming a better me... I am still having some issues with willpower but I am willing to do it for myself.  Last night I worked on making a goal chart like this one. So for I have only done the weight countdown... I think I might make it a poster? Not too sure yet... I totally need something to motivate me!! 

Until Tomorrow!!! 


  1. Great idea about the goal chart! I like it!

  2. You're definitely not the only one who's had a rough week... hang in there and get back on track fully and you'll be rockin' it in no time. Insanity will help kick your butt into shape too... good for you guys for doing it!

  3. I tried to do the Insanity Fit Test and almost died! We have P90X at home (my husband bought it a few years ago), and I did manage to do about half of one workout (it was a TON of push up work, and I have ZERO upper body strength!). I love your idea about the goal chart! And the funny thing about willpower? I've found that each day that passes where I make good food/exercise choices I have a little more willpower. :)

  4. A goal chart is such a good idea! We all have rough weeks sometimes, they happen. But just keep on trying, you'll get there. Great job on losing that pound, they all add up!


  5. I heard that Insanity is a tail kicker! Y'all keep at it all! It's the long term results that are important ;)

  6. I encourage anyone to do Insanity! I love me some Shaun T and you will be so much stronger after for doing it. I love it! :) Good luck- you can do it!!


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