Bad Day.....

I have a stressful job... I am a 911 Dispatcher. I take 911 calls, non-emergency calls, animal control calls, EMS calls, the list goes on and on. You name it I have probably heard it. And even somethings you never would think people would call for. I have been a dispatcher for almost 12 years. Until yesterday I have never wanted to quit on the spot. Not because I don't like it but I had a really rough call yesterday.  

I was taking Emergency calls and received a phone call from a male who stated he had just bought a gun and wanted to kill himself. I asked him where he was and he told me. I gathered his name and phone number and then he tells me he is going to put the phone down and then shoot himself.   I attempted to keep him on the phone and then I hear a gunshot. Then silence... Meanwhile I am looking for my supervisor to assist me and I hear him in the background cussing. He then gets back in the phone telling me the gun jammed and he is not injured.. Thank God.  I know nothing about guns but when a gun jams are you even able to fire? Because I definitely heard a gun shot. I can still her it now as I am typing.

My supervisor and I talked to him while the officers were setting up to take him into custody. He was highly agitated and did not want us asking him questions. He stated he did not want help and only called 911 so we could find his body. He then tells us that the round  I heard went into the bed. I wonder if the gun ever really jammed and he just missed or did not even try to him himself.. Once the officers were in place we had him go outside. The whole event took 20 min from when I took the call to when he was in custody. 

That is a call I NEVER want to take again but unfortunately I might. I am glad he got the help he needed, and I hope he takes it, But I am still slightly pissed that he decided to ruin my day but attempting to kill himself with me on the phone. I understand people in that situation are not looking outside themselves, but if he did not want help he did not need to call. But I am glad he did so we could get him help.

Anyway, thanks for reading this as I needed to put this down so I was not swimming in my head.

I promise next post will be more happy...

Until next time.....


P.S. After I posted this I recieved a call from a female asking if the time had changed... Really??? Seriously I cannot make this stuff up.


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