Weigh In Wednesday!

Once again I am linking up with Erin and Alex for Weigh In Wednesday!!!


I did not do all that well AGAIN this week. Yesterday I was ok with the exception of a heath bar and an alomst entire bag of Tostidos Chips. It is my TOM and I wanted chacolate and salt!!!! Oh well.... I am up one pound but I am saying that is because of TOM. LOL 

I did however attempt to work out at work today. My co-worker and I do wellness at 7-830 on the first day of out work tour. So we were all ready to get our workout on and we went out and there were no treadmills available. We only have 3 at our work and one is MIA right now getting fixed. So we had to resort to working out our arms on the machines we have NO CLUE HOW TO USE. hahahaha Oh well it is better than nothing. I guess...

Oh well tomorrow is yet another day!!!


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    1. OMG I know! I have had 3 bags in the past 2 weeks... LOVE!!

  2. TOM is tough!!! Hope this week is a better week and the scale cooperates for you on Weigh-In day!


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