What Tummy Type are you??

I saw this on a blog I follow and it 100000% true in my case.... I have the dreaded SPARE TIRE!!

Eat Right and Move More- is the key mantra to reduce belly fat of spare tire tummy type!

Avoid having too much of sugar and refined carbohydrates like those found in biscuits, cakes and white bread, pasta and rice.

Reduce alcohol intake. Drinking occasionally is all right but everyday or even 3-4 times a week will hamper your belly fat reduction project!

Also avoid so called diet snacks as they are made with chemicals, refined sugars and lots of artificial flavors and preservatives to make them taste good.

Have more of fresh food like fish, eggs, organic meat and vegetables -some options might include eggs and smoked salmon, grilled chicken and vegetables, snack like sliced lean meats, avocados, nuts and even oily fish (as they have good fat).

Exercise a lot- even if they are simple exercises like walking, doing lunges, squats or dips at home or even doing yoga.

I LOVE bread and sweets.. But now I know that they may be part of the problem I have in losing weight. I incorporate the "100 calorie packs" for my snacks. I guess need to cut down on these and start eating less processed food.  


Till next time...



  1. Yes I like carbs, booze, and sweets - tummy type = blah... LOL

  2. I definitely have the first one and then possibly some stress type as well. But more than anything else, the spare tire because I love carbs and sweets. :)


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