Weigh In Wednesday!!!


Its Wednesday!!!! Time to weigh in.... And....

I LOST 2 LBS!!! 

Well actually one since I gained last week...So I am down 6 lbs total!!! 

I drank TONS of water and stayed within my points!! However I did not exercise... I really need to get on it.... But I did go to the DR today and while I was there I had her sign my wellness form so I can workout at work. Since I can do wellness at work I can get an hour and thirty min once or twice a week. BONUS!!! 
We have a gym at work with weights, stepper, treadmills and other stuff... I will make this stuff my Bitch!!!

That is all for now! 



  1. Great job on the loss! 2 pounds is great :)

    - Hilary

  2. Nice job on the loss... way to rock it! Water is definitely key... that's always one thing I'm working on, to make sure I get my water in every single day!

    Thanks so much for linking up!


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