Weigh In Wednesday...


Well.... Here it is Wednesday and it is time for weigh-in... I was going to pretend I overslept and say "Oh I was running late and didn't have a chance to weigh-in" and then weigh in tomorrow. But I would be lying to all of you and myself. I DID in fact weigh in this morning and I have gained 1lb. Am I surprised?? NO. I did ok this week, just not 100 %. But today is a new day and I WILL stick to it and count my points!

Last night was probably my undoing.... My husband and I went to see my Alma Mater George Mason Patriots Men's Basketball game. They were playing our rival James Madison.  I should have eaten before we left but thought I could get a hot dog and be ok.. Well I got a hot dog but it was a footlong. Then got a pretzel. This was my undoing I think. IT WAS COVERED IN SALT. Like smothered in it. I tried removing most of it but it was EVERYWHERE!

So that is probably where the pound came from.. Salt = Holding on to water weight.

Oh well... Back at it today! Have a good day ya'll


  1. Hang in there - I didn't weigh in at all. I am lame. You are right one lb at a time.

  2. water weight s u c k s!!! thanks for linking up!

  3. I wasn't happy with my weigh in either. That just means next week will be amazing, right?

    Cheers to a new week!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by and following at ktjweighingin.com! I'm happy to be a new follower here and I look forward to seeing you reach your weight loss goals! I love the picture "one pound at a time" that is exactly right! Every week isn't perfect and I hate gains, but all we can do is try to do better next week.

  5. one pound at a time is right! good luck girl :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    {PS - I'm giving away a fitness notebook & would love for you to win!}


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