The Facts of Me : The Lisa Edition

I saw this on a blog I now follow Simple.Little.Joys and thought I'd do it too... SOOOOO here we go..

one. I am a reality show junkie. Love Love Love them. (however never got into the Real House Wives) I am into the older shows.. America's Next Top Model, RuPauls Drag Race (don't judge.. I am amazed at how a man can be prettier than some women I know...)

two. My favorite cartoon character is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Not sure how that started but when I was about 14 I guess with the Disney Store in EVERY mall, I saw him and fell in love. I think it is the fact that he is borderline suicidal that make me love him.. Like my love will make him happy.. (Crazy I know...)  LOL If it is Eeyore I probably own it. My License Plate even have him in it...

three. I HAVE to have socks on if I am not wearing shoes.. It feels weird with none on.. I even sleep with them on...

four. My husband and I met online. Way before and Eharmony... We met on AOL.  Back when people had member profiles... I was searching people near by who had the same birthday as I did, I found Steve and he was about 10 min away from where I lived. So I emailed him. Turns out we were born on the same day...Same hospital.... Three hours apart.... Weird..... We met a week or so later and 15 years later we have not looked back... 

five. I am a trivia queen. I know alot about the most RANDOMEST shit.. Seriously. I am not kidding. My co-workers come to me if they don't know who sings something or what movie someone was in. I just listen to alot of different types of music and watch A WHOLE lot of VH1. LOL Also I LOVE imdb!!!

six. I am a founding member of the Alpha Xi Delta chapter at the college I went to. It is am important memory I will always cherish. I have gained friends that I will have for my lifetime. I love all of my sisters!!! 

seven. I still sleep with a stuffed animal.. Don't judge... I seriously can't sleep with out one... 


That is it for now... Have a good Tuesday Ya'll



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