Busy Weekend

WOW we had a busy weekend...

Started off with a get together with some of Steve's hockey teammates for poker and just a fun evening hanging out, Once we got to their beautiful house. I go into the kitchen only to find out I went to HS with his wife. What a small world... We had a great time hanging out and enjoying the company.

Then on Saturday, Steve and I headed to Old Town so I would know how to get to the brunch I was going to the next day. We decided to take our dog as well just to let her enjoy a ride in the car. But she is good in the car but is always trying to get to the window so she can stick her head out. But that involves her going back and forth between my lap and the window. Once we got to the restaurant and I knew where I was going we headed back. We took the scenic route back through the GW Parkway along the Potomac River. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we stopped to let the devil dog run around a bit. We were hoping she would tire out and leave us alone once we got home (She has been extremely needy and has to be ONTOP of me at all times. She also has decided to revert back to being a puppy and gets into and tears things apart once we leave her alone in the house) However this worked for only so much... She slept once we got home but once Steve was getting ready to go to his hockey game she was wide awake..

Then I went with my dad to celebrate a friends Birthday at Champs. Steve met us up there after his hockey game. The daughter of one of our friends has a crush on Steve. So he decided to embarrass her by sitting next to her. She is 11 and she turned BRIGHT red. After a while she calmed down and was not even bothered by him sitting there.  It was a riot. In years past whenever we meet up she would follow him around like a puppy. It is so cute. We then went to their house for cake. They have an adorable shih tzu and poodle mix named Reece. I almost stole him. We played with him for a bit and then we went home.

Then Yesterday I headed down to Old Town Alexandria to meet up with some Alumnae of my sorority for brunch at Chadwick's. It was a wonderful time to meet up with new and old sisters. However on a funny note, there were supposed to be about 10 of us and when I arrived there were already several people there. But we soon figured out we were two different parties that they sat together.  Both of the parties were under Rebecca and they only had one reservation. Luckily it was easy to split the tables and everything worked out. It was a wonderful brunch and I enjoyed meeting new sisters from other universities.

Overall I enjoyed my weekend. Usually we just sit home and do nothing. I like that we got out and did things... <3>

Until Next Time.......


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