If you really knew me.....

Since everyone else in the Blog world is doing this post.. I thought I'd do it too....

If you really knew me.......
You'd know I have no filter I speak what is on my mind and often it gets me in trouble. 
You'd know that I have a hard time expressing myself with people I love. 
You'd know that I am actually shy... Really it is true. 
You'd know that I would drop anything and everything to help a friend. 
You'd know that I LOVE to dance. 
You'd know that I love my dog sometimes more than my hubby. 
You'd know that I cuss WAY to much.
You'd know that I hate talking on the phone. 
You'd know I constantly compare myself to others. 
You'd know I am obsessed with Pinterest. 
You'd know I leave my husband for Chad Durbin. (Pitcher for the Atl Braves) 
You'd know I shop too much and buy stuff I don't need. 
You'd know I am afraid of throwing up.  Seriously makes me have a panic attack. Even other people... 
You'd know that I cry easily. 
You'd know I take things WAY to seriously and dwell over things to the point I get anxious. 
You'd know that I am often jealous of others . 
You'd know that I love my sorority sisters. 
You'd know that I love sports for the hot guys. (Not entirely true but it helps.)
You'd know I want a child. But am afraid due to the throwing up part.. 

That is all I can think of right now..... 

Have a good day all!!! 


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