Still Trucking....

Sorry I have not posted in a while.. Been a bit busy.

Anyway still here doing WW. Still have not really started to exercise. I have tons of videos and even have exercise games for my WII. Are they even opened??? NOPE. But they are there. I have a gym membership...Have I gone??? NOPE. I really need to get off my butt and do something.... But I am sooooo lazy..... Oh well... Tomorow is a new day.. lol

That's is for now.... Gotta get back to work.

Have a good day everyone!!!!!!!!!!



  1. you can do it! You have to start somewhere!!!! Tomorrow is a new day is right.... but today is today!!! Start with your choices today!! Screw the gym, after work tonight go home and take a nice long walk!!! :)

  2. Lisa! Don't beat yourself up. When I started this, ALL I focused on was staying within my WW points. It didn't even matter to me what I ate, as long as I stayed within those points. (Soon I realized I could eat more food in the day if I'd make smarter decisions about what I was eating...) Then, as the weight fell focus got stronger. As the scale started going down, I figured out I wanted to start exercising to help it move faster! It really helped me to be able to tell myself I didn't have to "do it all" to be successful. It takes time to get the hang of "everything." After all, the weight didn't come on over night... Just take it a little at a time, only what you can chew (pun intended!) :) If you focus on eating now, who a few weeks you might surprise yourself by WANTING to add in a walk or a trip to the gym! No matter what, just know you CAN do this!

  3. When I first started I didn't exercise at all either. I think it's something that comes along the process for some people. I know for me it did, hopefully for you it will too. Although I do not like working out in front of the tv (we have a small house so it's upfront and central if I do).

  4. I'm with Alisha, there's nothing wrong with focusing on getting your diet on track before adding exercise into the mix. Do what's best for YOU.

  5. I agree that getting your food on track first is not a bad idea, but with that said...personally, I find that I eat a lot better when I'm also exercising. Maybe you'll be the same way!

    - Brenna (a fellow Fit Camper)

  6. I also have a really time going all out with food and exercise at once. A lot of times I will be really rocking one and struggling with the other but I continue to work on each. Its a work in progress for sure.
    Ang (from Fit Camp)


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