A New Me.....

Well today is Day 2 of me trying to be a healthier me. So far so good... I am back on WW and only used one of my "Extra Points" yesterday. I want to try and not use ANY of them but if it happens it happens... I know this is like the "billionth" time I have done WW and hopefully the LAST time.....

Here are some of my goals for today....

1 ~ Drink AT least 64 oz of water ( I am hoping for more but I am not much of a water drinker so starting off slow)

2~ Log any and ALL food I put in my mouth.

3~ Set Real Goals for my self that I know I can obtain and strive for.

4 ~ Think of some rewards for myself for obtaining each goal. (Not food related)

Anyway that is it for now.....



  1. Hope your first day of water drinking went well! I wasn't much of a water drinker when I first started either. I just told myself ok I have to have this bottle empty by 10, noon, 2, etc.!

  2. Not too bad... I got 44 oz in... Will attempt to get more tomorrow.. =)

  3. My water consumption is bad.Something that helps me is I have water bottle checklist and I just mark one off as I go. Because I can go a whole day without drinking it.


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