Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conifidence Coaching 101: For the ladies!

This is a repost from my awesome sorority sister Nic... Thought I'd share....

It baffles me when I see my girlfriends lacking confidence, always being self-critical; thinking they're fat, and obsessing about their looks. Get a clue, girlfriends, you are beautiful on the inside and that's what counts! Sure, looking good on the outside is an art, but if you don't radiate confidence from within, what's the point?

I can just hear you now... "But Nicole, it's easy for you to say because you're gorgeous!". Oh girls, you're so sweet. Really. Cut it out. Ok, just kidding... keep those compliments flowing. LOL! The truth is, as many of you remember, there was a time when my body was a hot mess. I was morbidly obese, and felt like shit about myself (largely due to the fact that I was in bad relationships and miserable). However, through it all, I always kept a positive outlook and knew that I was a great person and had a beautiful soul. I knew that people loved me, regardless of what I looked like on the outside!

Confidence really does start with loving yourself and believing that you are a wonderful person on the inside. I also think that positive daily affirmations go a long way. "Nic, what the hell are you talking about?" You know, telling yourself positive things (whether out loud, or in your head). I teach this in my class, so take notes... positive affirmations are things like, "I have great hair", and "My lip gloss looks awesome", and "I'm a great listener", and "Everyone loves my jokes"...etc. Keep telling yourself all of the wonderful qualities you have, both inside and out. When you do this, you will focus less on the physical things that you tend to get overly critical about (your weight, your boobs, your teeth, etc.)... all fixable, by the way, so don't be discouraged.

Confident women stand up straight, look people in the eyes, and never need to talk about themselves because other people notice their redeeming qualities. Confident women also speak well, and command the attention and respect of others. Now that is the hard part to teach, so I'll save that for later. Just remember that you are beautiful on the inside (unless you're really just a bitch, and everyone hates your guts... in which case, you're certainly not a friend of mine).

So girls, hopefully you will look inside yourself today and remember all of your own great attributes. Maybe this will help you to stand a little taller, walk down the hall strutting your stuff, or stop and smile at yourself in the rear view mirror when you're stopped at a red light (my personal favorite).

Make me proud. Channel your inner diva, bitches!

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Revelations

Ok, after reading a very dead on post from my awesome sorority sister Nicole about confidence and loving yourself.. I realized she was right. I have never been at all confident about myself. Unfortunately that is not something I will learn anytime soon, although I will try.

So on that note... I have decided for the billionth time to lose weight. I am not just doing it for me, I am doing it because I really want to get pregnant. I know I could be where I am now but I want to be at least under 200 before I even start trying. I am not getting younger and I am getting worried I may be running out of time....

So, I am not even sure how to start. Yes I know what you are thinking... eat better and exercise. I know that. But I can't stay motivated. I start out good but by like 9am it is all over. I have been a member of Olympus Gym since Feb of last year.. Have I been??? Nope. I have the Wii fit with several games. Have if used it??? Maybe once... I have all the tools just to lazy to use them. I need the pride in myself to get off my ass and do something....ANYTHING.....

Hmmm well... that is all for now I guess........

By the way check out Nic's Blog..... http://np1021.blogspot.com