My Many Men.......

I had a thought while sitting here watching the Habs/Flyers Game. Well it is on in the background..Steve is watching it. I always talk about all my fav men, (actors,sports figures and whoever else famous I might like) I wonder how many there really are... Well here is my list (in no particular order....) of as i call them Sexy Bitches....

~ Chad Durbin - Bullpen pitcher for the Phillies - I have an obsession with him. He is often my screen saver on any computer I may use. Steve has even told him that I want to have his kids, which by the way I have never said, I wouldn't mind tho....

~ Chris Wolstenholme the bassist for my new favorite band Muse. He is another one that is often my screen saver. I am totally obsessed with him. I have seen them 4 times in concert (have 2 more shows lined up)and each time when the concert is over I am horse from screaming for him. If you have seen the youtube video of the Philly Muse show we recorded you can hear me scream for him... lol

~Martin Brodeur - (Goalie for the New Jersey Devils) - He is by far my original sexy bitch how ever he was not the first one I labled as such. I have loved him for like forever.

~ Aaron Rowand - he is the original Sexy Bitch. He used to be the centerfielder for the Phillies now he plays for the San Francisco Giants. I loved him and still do when I get to see him.

The rest I am just going to list -- this will take forever if I don't.......

~ Justin Chambers (Alex on Greys Anatomy)
~ Larry Mullen Jr (drummer for U2)
~ David Wright (Third Basemen for the Mets)
~ Billy Wagner (Bullpen pitcher for the Braves)
~ Adam Vinatieri (Kicker for the Indianapolis Colts)
~ Tom Brady
~ David Beckham
~ Brady Anderson (Circa the 90's definitely not now)

Hahahaha I am sure there is more but these I think are the tops ones


  1. I'm seeing a running theme in the athletics department. So, does that make you an athletic supporter? HAHAHA. I am SO funny. No, seriously, Larry is on MY list, still top 5. Give hime back!!!

  2. You can never go wrong with Larry! The guy still looks like he is in his twenties! I've always been more of a fan of The Edge, myself.


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